ECG provides customized HR/Career consulting packages surrounding job seeking, career advancement and corporate employee retention services.

Service Packages

Customized Career Counseling

This is a customized coaching package for those who need support and career counseling beyond the resume and LinkedIn. This is designed to begin with a goal of topics and a plan of action. Job Loss, Recovery & Planning. - Job loss and recovery - Career advancement - Second career discovery
Job Search - Job search strategies - Empowerment during job search - Creating a target list of specific companies Networking - Strategic networking for employment- Making calls and appointments to find a job Interviewing - Interview preparation - Answering & asking questions - Listening strategies - Closing the interview- Follow up and what’s next Job Offers- Maximizing Offer - Review of offer - Salary negotiation Self-Branding & Promotion - How to write about your professional careers- How to sell yourself


Looking for employment? Every job candidate needs a LinkedIn profile, since 97% of all recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates! ECG has been training in LinkedIn since its inception and can help you tell a better employment story and create a powerful profile and electronic resume. Looking to advance your career or business? LinkedIn is an innovative way to make impactful connections for better business and career advancement and transition. Looking for better ways to network and connect? - Networking is the key to better relationships and long-lasting business partnerships.- ECG will teach you the best methods to engage, connect, and conduct meetings. - ECG provides individual and personalized sessions to answer questions and help you find employment to include power searches, networking and research - ECG helps you learn how to keep current and make your profile stand out LinkedIn Creation and Navigation This is ideal for those who need to create a LinkedIn profile and learn the basics of connecting, strategizing, and applying for work. This package includes - Creation of LinkedIn profile- LinkedIn tutorials and customized training- Navigation instruction - Networking and making connections instruction Profile Renovation and NavigationThis is ideal for those who have existing LinkedIn accounts that are underutilized. This package includes- Renovation of LinkedIn profile - One-on-one instruction - Navigation instruction - Networking and making connections instruction Networking for Employment and Better Business This is ideal for those who have a strong profile and are “stuck” with networking and job seeking. Client will receive two one-on-one coaching sessions and writing guidance to improve your profile and learn better strategies. This package includes- Navigation, research, and target lists- Networking and making connections instruction

Resume | Credential

ECG’s resume development is a collaborative process that includes one-on-one interviewing for better customization and development for an impactful document. Our resumes outshine the competition through innovative and proven modern methods. Resume Creation- Thorough intake and career history interview, writing sessions, reviews, and coaching to develop a customize resume- Customization of resumes for specific employment- Help with learning how to properly network your resume
Resume RenovationThis is ideal for clients that have an outdated resume and need renovation to include formatting with updated software program.- Thorough intake interview, planning sessions, reviews, and coaching to develop a revised and modern customized resume- Renovation of paper and electronic (MS Word and PDF) resume